How To Pay PSA Using GCash

GCash is one of the most effective applications through which various tasks can be performed quickly, including money transfers, paying bills, buying loads, online shopping, etc. Now, how to pay PSA using GCash? It is a very convenient app for the Philippines because it saves their time and energy of going somewhere to pay bills.

PSA gives you access to apply for your birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, or a CENOMAR online. They provide fast and appropriate services to their users in the Philippines by granting their certificates within days at their doorsteps.

PSA gives a very convenient method to the customers as you can apply online and very effectively get your parcel. They also provide several payment methods; one of the most appropriate methods to pay PSA is using GCash.

Quick Overview on How to pay PSA using GCash:

Step 1: Go to the PSA helpline application
Step 2: Click on Pay using GCash
Step 3: Enter the details
Step 4: Wait for the confirmation message

GCash and PSA helpline can be linked by one another as GCash contains the option to pay the bills of the PSA helpline, which is one the most secure and easy ways of doing it. Phillpines mostly use GCash for many functions, and it proves to be a beneficial application for them.

In this article, I will discuss the benefits of PSA and GCash, how to pay bills using GCash?, and how to pay PSA using GCash. I will also talk about the GCash reference and receipt number. Here you will get a detailed description of the method of paying the bill PSA through GCash. Let’s begin the blog; stay tuned till the end to learn more about GCash and PSA

Steps on How to pay PSA using GCash:

The steps that you have to follow to clear your bills related to your PSA helpline are mentioned in the following section below:

Step 1: Go to the PSA helpline application

First, you must install the PSA application and log into it. You will go to the payment options when you decide to pay through GCash.

How To Pay PSA Using GCash

Step 2: Click on Pay using GCash

Choose Gcash as payment option

When you search your payment options, several icons will appear on your screen; you must tap on Pay using GCash, letting you go directly to your GCash account.

Step 3: Enter the details

You must fill in the details for your payment process to be processed. You will be asked for the key associated with your GCash account; you must fill in the code and tap on NEXT to continue.

Gcash mobile number
Gcash app authentication code

Step 4: Wait for the confirmation message

After entering the authentication code, your amount will be transacted from your GCash account, and they will notify you with a confirmation message.

Wait for SMS and email message from Gcash

Steps to pay through GCash for the PSA helpline:

Some people want to pay directly through the GCash application. Here are the steps mentioned in the following that will help you to pay through GCash:

  • Open your GCash app
  • Tap on Pay bills
  • Click on the PSA helpline
  • Enter the required details
  • Wait for the confirmation message

Step 1: Open your GCash application

First, enter your GCreadit MPIN and log into the GCash app. Different icons will be shown on the homepage of this application.

How To Pay PSA Using GCash

Step 2: Tap on “Pay Bills”

One of the icons will be “Pay bills” you have to tap on it and choose the option Government as your biller.

Under Pay Bills, choose Government

Step 3: Click on the PSA helpline:

In this step, you have to search for the option of PSA helpline and click on that.

Tap the PSAHelpline

Step 4: Enter the required details

You have to fill in the required details to continue your payment process. You will be asked for the reference number, account number, email id, and amount you must pay. You have to enter all these add tap on continue.

How To Pay PSA Using GCash

Step 5: Wait for the confirmation message:

When you follow all these steps, you will get a confirmation page; you have to click on confirm, and just after a few seconds GCash will notify you that your PSA bill has been paid and your amount is transacted from your account.

By following these steps, you can successfully clear your PSA bills through the PSA application or GCash application. It is a complete guide to paying your PSA helpline bill quickly. Moreover, if you are paying your PSA helpline bill using GCash, it will not charge you anything except the amount of your bill.

Wait for payment notification , How To Pay PSA Using GCash

What are the benefits of GCash?

There are many benefits of this application. Most importantly, you don’t have to take time off from work and go to a specific place; you can perform many functions conveniently while staying home. Another benefit is that it is not time-restricted. You can use this application anytime, so you are not bound to it. It guarantees that your amount will be safe, and they will notify you whenever it will be transacted or added. You can use GCash on any smartphone and at any number.

Moreover, you can use GCash to buy mobile loads, avail of loans, shop online, etc. If you are a verified GCash user, you can get many other benefits that an unverified gCash account user needs insurance companies, etc.

Why use the PSA

The PSA helpline is an authorized application that gives you access to get certificates at your doorstep. As it is an online process, it has a straightforward ordering method. It Is very safe that you will get your parcel in your hands after your verification, and the most important thing is they don’t take a long time to deliver your certificates; you get your order within days. It is the quickest and easiest way to apply for certificates in the Philippines.

How do I get GCash Receipt?

When you want to see the history of your transactions from GCash, you have to get the statement or GCash receipt. GCash Receipt provides all the dates and times of the record of your transaction. The process of getting the GCash receipt is mentioned below:

  • Open your GCash application and tap on the option Transactions. Click on the transactions of the present date.
  • Tap on the envelope icon
  • Select the date till you want the record of your transactions.

After these steps, you can see the records of your transactions and transmissions. Moreover, by tapping on the option custom, you can see the transactions from the past few years.

Why does a Transaction of PSA through GCash fail?

There are some reasons why when you do transactions through GCash for PSA, it fails; the reasons and solutions are given below.


  • The cash application may need to be fixed due to maintenance issues or downtime.
  • Your internet data or wifi may have any connection issues.
  • The cash version might be old.


  • Check the amount in your GCash account and try to pay after some time.
  • Change your location by restarting your phone.
  • Install the new and updated version of the GCash application.

If your amount has been transacted and your bill still needs to be paid, you can contact the helpline of GCash by dialing 2882. They provide excellent customer care to their users; if this type of issue occurs, they will indeed find a solution for you.


In short, GCash is one of the most accessible and appropriate applications that help you save time and energy and do maximum work at home. So, use GCash and enjoy online shopping, money transferring, paying bills, etc., without extra charges. Now you can apply for your certificates through the PSA without worrying about your payments. This article will help you to pay for your online certificates effectively.

FAQs – How To Pay PSA Using GCash

Q1: Can I Pay Via GCash In PSA?

Ans: The PSA helpline allows you to pay quickly and safely using GCash.

Q2: Are There Any Fees Or Charges Associated With Using GCash To Pay PSA?

Ans: No, GCash doesn’t charge you anything for paying bills.

Q3: What Are The PSA Payment Options?

Ans: PSA permits you to pay them through various options, including credit or debit cards, prepaid cards, E-Wallet, and GCash.

Q4: Can I Still Pay For My PSA Services In Person Or Use GCash?

Ans: You can pay for PSA services in person inside the GCash app.

Q5: Can I use GCash to pay for multiple PSA transactions simultaneously?

Ans: Yes, multiple payments for PSA at the same time at once via GCash are acceptable.

Q6: What Happens If My GCash Payment For The PSA Transaction Fails?

Ans: There are some reasons for the failure of transactions. If it happens, check your GCash balance and try again after some time, and also make sure that you are using the updated and latest version of the GCash app.

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