How To Pay Alibaba Using GCash in 3 Steps

When searching online shopping websites, there are many options like Amazon, Ali Express, daraz, Alibaba, etc. They all have different prices and different delivery charges. Now we will talk about Alibaba, one of the biggest online stores for wholesalers, which is most beneficial for those willing to purchase in large quantities.

You can get a wide variety on Alibaba, and they also allow their customers to pay in different ways according to their comfort. One of them is paying through GCash. If you want to learn How To Pay Alibaba Using GCash, Stay tuned.

Quick Overview on How to Pay Alibaba using GCash:

Step 1: Go to the Website
Step 2: Place the order
Step 3: Pay through GCash credit card

GCash is an internationally approved application for the Philippines that permits you to turn your smartphone into your wallet and spend your money whenever and wherever you want very easily, quickly, and safely. Now you would think, How to do online shopping through GCash? How to Pay Alibaba using GCash This application has a specific method through which you can easily spend your money in buying loads, transferring money, paying bills, or doing online shopping,

In this article, I am going to describe the process of paying Alibaba using GCash, the payment methods of Alibaba, How To Pay Alibaba Using GCash in the Philippines, and many more. Stay tuned till the end to effectively shop from Alibaba and make payments using GCash.

How to buy from Alibaba in the Philippines?

Most people think that: Does Alibaba ship in the Philippines? Yes, they do so. There are some steps that you have to follow to purchase from Alibaba in the Philippines:

  • Download Alibaba: or visit the website: First, you need to open the website or install the application to visit the marketplace and see the product. 
  • Log into Alibaba Landing Page: Many options will appear on your screen, like home appliances, electronics, clothes, sports, vehicles, girl’s and boy’s accessories, etc. you have to select the option according to your need.
  • Log into Alibaba’s account: After selecting your product, you have to sign up to Alibaba’s account to make an amount and place your order.
  • Search your favorite products and click to order: you have to select the products and the number of products you want to order and see the supplier of the selected product. After that, you can proceed to the next step.
  • Fill in the requirements: There will be some requirements you have to fill like your email address, contact number, address, etc.
  • Get your tracking number: After a few minutes, you will get a tracking number below your account in Alibaba. This tracking number will be required to see the location of your ordered products.
  • Review your order: See the reviews under your order. The comments that other people have given about the products that you are ordering will help you to know the product’s quality.
  • See, your parcel has been sent to HK Warehouse: After placing the order, they will notify you that it has arrived at the HK warehouse and will be delivered at the given location in the Philippines.

Payment methods of Alibaba:

Alibaba always tries to provide its users best services. Hence, it gives various methods of making payments in different countries. When people do Alibaba online shopping in Phillips, they can pay through credit card, PayPal, Paytm, Wire transfer, and GCash account. Alibaba links, L/C payment, Alibaba online transfer, and Western Union can also use to clear your charges.

Steps on How to Pay Alibaba using GCash:

There are several steps to link up an Alibaba account with a Gcash account, which I am going to mention in the section below:

  • Go to the website.
  • Place order
  • Pay through a GCash credit card

Step 1: Go to the Website (Alibaba):

When you order something from Alibaba, open the website in chrome. The whole marketplace of Alibaba will appear on your screen, which contains everything you can need at very reasonable prices.

How To Pay Alibaba Using GCash in 3 Steps image 10

Step 2: Place Order:

On the webpage, there will be various things you have to find the thing that you need. There are different sections for various products. You must choose the products and quantity and then add them to the cart. After selecting the products, an option of “Make Payments” or “Send Initial Payments” will be shown to you. Tap on any of them. They will place your order, and you must continue choosing your payment method.

How to pay Alibaba using GCash in 2022
How To Pay Alibaba Using GCash in 3 Steps alibaba 2

Step3:Pay through GCash credit card:

At this step, an option for a Credit/Debit card will appear; click on it and fill in the required details.

How to pay Alibaba using GCash in 2022

First, you must enter your card number, which will be written on the back of your debit card and will be 3 digits. Next, you have to fill in your address. There will be two options “Same shipping address” and “Use a new billing address” if your card address and shipping address are similar, you have to choose the first option; if they are not, select the second option.

The next option will be Pay now; after verifying yourself by giving your email id and other necessary things, you must press Pay now. You can verify the payments by going to the order detail page to see whether your products and their quantity are the same, and you are sure to buy them. After checking, click View More to check your payments there quickly.

Hence, after entering your Gcredit card details, your order is placed, and your payment method is GCash credit card. Now you have to wait for your order to come to your doorstep.

How to pay Alibaba using GCash in 2022

Why Use Gcash?

When people make purchases from Alibaba, they must buy large quantities. They have to pay hefty amounts, and this needs excellent security. Many people are often afraid of scammers, but GCash is a certified app where your account is always secured. Moreover, they always inform you through a text message whenever your amount is transacted or added to your GCash account.

They register your account after verification to approve that you are the person who transmits and transacts the amount in Gcredit. If you are using a GCash-verified account, you will get extra benefits not provided to unverified account users. As verification is for your security, always use a verified account. GCash card is only provided to the fully verified account users of GCash, and they can get 3 cards every month.

This application also permits you to pay any bill, buy loads for your packages, pay for your online shopping, and also provides many benefits to its customers. You can also invest and spend money and get many benefits through it. GCash has also linked up with many banks, shopping malls, utility stores, insurance companies, etc. GCash is one of the most useful and convenient applications for Philippians.


Ultimately, it will be constructive for the citizens of the Philippines to order from Alibaba and pay using GCash. As online shopping is prevalent today, Alibaba is one of the best platforms, and GCash is one of the most convenient payment methods. This article lets you easily link up your Alibaba account with your GCash account How To Pay Alibaba Using GCash quickly through it.

If you are a regular user of GCash, you can pay through a GCash credit card, but if you are not and need a registered account, you can do so. If you want to pay through GCash, you have to follow the steps mentioned in the above article, and after making an account on GCash, you can quickly pay Alibaba using Gcredit or GCash card.

FAQs | How To Pay Alibaba Using GCash in 3 Steps

Q1: Can I Pay Alibaba With GCash?

Ans: yes, you can quickly and safely pay Alibaba through GCash. You also get the facility to use GCredit and GCash cards with your verified account.

Q2: How Do I Pay Alibaba In The Philippines?

There are several methods that Alibaba provides its user to pay them. Most of the Philippines prefer GCash credit cards to pay their bill to Alibaba.

Q3: What Is The Alibaba Transaction Fee Using GCash?

Ans: When you link GCash with Alibaba, it takes 2% of the total amount, a fixed transaction payment of Alibaba.

Q4: What Are Alibaba’s Payment Methods?

Ans: Payment methods of Alibaba are mentioned below:
1. Bank credit card.
2. PayPal
3. PayTM
4. GCash credit card
5. Western Union
6. Wire transfer

Q5: What Is The Best Way To Pay On Alibaba?

Ans: It mainly depends on the location from where you are ordering. If you are in India, you will have PayPal, and PayTM will be best for you, whereas if you are in the Philippines, you will lie to pay using GCash.

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