How To Pay AirAsia Using GCash

People often visit and tour foreign countries for different purposes based on their requirements. Some people embark on different journeys to famous tourist destinations to spend some quality time with their loved ones whereas on the other hand, there are people who have business meetings. Whatever the case may be, there are multiple reasons due to which people travel abroad and book their flights.

Quick Overview on How to pay AirAsia using GCash:

Step 1: Login
Step 2: AirAsia Booking
Step 3: Payment Wallet
Step 4: GCash Login
Step 5: Confirmation Email

If you’re from Asia, a very cheap and budget-friendly option for you would probably be “AirAsia”. If you’re tired of the traditional payment methods for your flights and you’re on a hunt to find a convenient and easy way for  your AirAsia flight payments, then you’ve arrived at the right place. Recently AirAsia has partnered with GCash and made the process easier and hassle-free. Now you can pay for your AirAsia flight bills and other expenses with just a few simple steps on your mobile phone.

Do you have questions like these in your mind:

  • How to pay your AirAsia expenses using GCash?
  • How to pay for an AirAsia ticket using GCash?
  • How to do AirAsia payments through your mobile phone?
  • Can I pay AirAsia with GCash?

Then hang on as this article is geared to provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide to give you answers regarding the questions mentioned above. So without wasting any further time let’s go over the process.

What is AirAsia?

Air Asia is a leading low-cost and economical airline based in Malaysia, known for offering affordable flights across Asia and beyond

which was founded in 1993, the airline has become one of the world’s largest low-cost airlines. The airline is recognized for its efficient operations, punctuality and cost-effective model, providing passengers with access to  air transport at competitive prices

The airline has adopted digital technology, implementing an online booking system and mobile application to improve the overall customer experience

Although it is highly praised due to its affordability, AirAsia has faced multiple challenges and issues including fierce competition and periodic economic downturns that affect the airline industry.

For all the Filipinos out there AirAsia Philippines is the best choice for them if they’re traveling abroad and don’t want to break the bank.

Steps on How to pay AirAsia using GCash:

Step 1: Login

First and foremost download the AirAsia mobile app and register your account. If you already possess one then simply login to it.

Step 2: AirAsia Booking

Choose your desired flight according to your preferences and make sure to double-check everything so that you avoid any problems or issues.

Step 3: Payment Wallet

Once you’ve selected your flight tap on the “proceed” icon to move into the payment wallet. You will be directed to the payment page where you’ll select “Wallet” and then select GCash.

Step 4: GCash Login

Access your GCash account by confirming the security code or OTP sent to your GCash phone number. To proceed with your payment, you’ll need to enter your GCash MPIN.

Step 5: Confirmation Email

Once you’ve successfully completed the above steps and paid successfully you’ll receive a confirmation email of your payment.

Quick Guide To Pay AirAsia Using GCash how to pay airasia using gcash

[Note]:Make sure that you have enough balance in your GCash account to do your AirAsia payments.


There you go! That was the complete step-by-step process of paying your AirAsia payments online via GCash. Now you can plan your trips without worrying about the payment procedure and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

AirAsia payment options

AirAsia provides its customers with a diverse range of payment options in different currencies. You can pay for your flights 2 hours prior through Credit and Debit Cards(Mastercard, visa,JCB and American Express).

Payments through Unionpay are also accepted before 24 hours of your flight departure. Besides the traditional over-the-counter payments, there is an option for Internet banking too in different countries like China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and Sri Lanka.

How to avoid AirAsia Processing Fees?

There are generally two methods to avoid the AirAsia processing fee. The first one is to use a Big Visa Credit Card and the second one is to pay it directly through a PayPal account.

To learn more about online payments via GCash visit Money Tech Guide.

FAQ’s | Pay AirAsia Using GCash

Can I pay my plane ticket using GCash?

Yes you can for your plane ticket via GCash but you have to make sure if your Airline has partnered with GCash and allows payments through GCash.

Can I pay AirAsia through GCash?

On April 17, 2021, AirAsia revealed its collaboration with GCash, offering a swift and convenient payment option for guests booking flights and additional services through the AirAsia super app or

How to pay for AirBNB using GCash?

Yes,you can pay for Airbnb using the GCash mobile app. Tap on the “profile” icon in the GCash app and select “my linked accounts”. After that tap on American Express Virtual pay and enter your email address. Wait for a few seconds after which you’ll receive a confirmation SMS.

Can you pay for Cebu Pacific through GCash?

Yes absolutely! GCash provides the opportunity and a hassle free method to pay for your Cebu Pacific flights through the GCash mobile application. Before your payment make sure that you have enough balance in your GCash wallet so that you can pay for your flight without any hassle.

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