How To Pay MP2 using GCash

Each one of us should be looking forward to investing our savings in multiple places to increase our earnings and secure a better financial future. Pag-IBIG MP2 is a great platform provided by the Philippine government where we can invest our money.

Quick Overview on How to Pay MP2 using GCash:

Step 1: Open the GCash App
Step 2: Providing Info
Step 3: Confirmation

Over-the-counter and other traditional payments can be time-consuming and frustrating sometimes, that’s why we’ve discovered an online method by which you’ll be able to pay for your MP2 within the comfort of your home with the help of a few clicks.

In this captivating and precise article, we will be showing you a step-by-step method of how to pay your MP2 payment online through GCash.

Steps On How to Pay MP2 using GCash

Step 1: Open the GCash App

Open the GCash mobile application and tap on Bills and select government under this category, where you’ll see a search bar. Type “Pag-IBIG” and tap on it.

How to Pay MP2 using GCash

Step 2: Providing Info

Enter your desired amount and other information like Account no, period covered and email address.

How to Pay MP2 using GCash

Step 3: Confirmation

Tap on the next button after this on which you’ll be redirected to the confirmation page where you’ll be able to download your payment proof.

How to Pay MP2 using GCash

Seems easy right? Yes this is the most seamless and efficient way to pay your MP2 payment online using GCash. Now you don’t need to worry about stepping outside your home for this task as we’ve provided you an easy alternative.

To learn more about online payments via GCash visit Money Tech Guide.

FAQ’s|How to Pay MP2 using GCash

What is GCash?

GCash is a Philippine based E-wallet and online payment platform that provides you the opportunity to pay for different expenses digitally within the comfort of your home through a mobile application.It offers payment options regarding different platforms such as Netflix,Utility bills and Cebu Pacific etc. It also provides Virtual cards and hence provides a spectacular service to all those Filipinos who are deprived of this facility.

How do I pay my MP2 contribution?

We can use different online payment methods likePayMaya eWallet, GCash eWallet or any debit or credit card powered by Visa, Mastercard or JCB. Traditional methods like over-the-counter payment can also be used for payment.

How much is the MP2 dividend for 2023?

PBBM lauds highest Pag-IBIG dividend rates since pandemic: 6.53% for Regular Savings, 7.03% for MP2.

Is it better to invest or save money?

Savings should always be our first priority. We should make sure that we have enough savings for the next year or so because if some financial problem arises we should possess the means to tackle it. Once we’re successful in achieving this goal only then should we start thinking about investment ideas.

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