How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number

In mobile payment in the Philippines GCash has a huge play, as it helps in the innovation to ease the financial transaction. With a few steps on the cell phone, you can send and receive money, make bill payments, and do many other transactions. The topic of interest is How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number. The GCash service, except for Cash out, money withdrawals, and bill payment, has been free recently.

GCash is the leading platform in mobile applications that can be easily downloaded and installed on your phones to do digital transactions. It includes fund transfers, bills, online shopping, and more. From May 2022 in the Philippines, the analytics show Over 60 million GCash users, with 83% adult population.

Quick Overview on How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number:

Step 1: NBI Clearance Reference Number
Step 2: Sign in On GCash
Step 3: Top-UP The GCash E-Wallet
Step 4: Verify the balance
Step 5: Choose Bill
Step 6: Enter The Necessary Information
Step 7: Payment Successful

In this topic, we will discuss How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number. NBI clearance, remittance payment via instant Cash, and MARINA use the reference number for payment and we will discuss how to pay. So, if you want to know more about it, read this article!

How To Send Payment To GCash Through Instant Cash?

To send the money via Instant Cash to GCash, go to the remittance center and fill out the form. It includes the beneficiary’s name, which must be the same as the GCash registered account, GCash cell phone, and a valid ID. The steps to send the payment to GCash through instant Cash are described below:

  • Visits the instant Cash exchange center.
  • Fill out the remittance form to proceed.
  • Pay the amount you want to send to GCash and transfer the charges.
  • Once it is done, take note of the reference number.
  • Inform the recipient about the reference number and transfer amount.

The payment is processed in a few minutes, and the beneficiary will get a notification about the payment sent to the GCash wallet.

What Is NBI Clearance?

NBI clearance has changed the payment process toward digital and w-commerce transactions. They have partnered with private companies or corporations to manage the payment collected from the applicants. The first ever company who participate in the NBI Clearance collection was 7-Eleven.

Steps On How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number:

An NBI clearance can be paid using GCash, and we need the reference number of an NBI clearance. The steps for How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number defined in the following:

Step 1. NBI Clearance Reference Number:

Open the NBI portal on your browser and tap the transaction menu. The NBI reference number and the account status are displayed there. Copy the reference number and then paste it into notes if you forget.

7 Steps On How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number NBI reference numner

Step 2. Sign In On GCash:

Sign in to your GCash app, and if you are new, install it from the Play Store and register yourself. If you are an existing customer, then open the app with the use of the PIN code.

How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number

Step 3. Top-UP The GCash E-Wallet:

Check the GCash e-wallet account; is that sufficient to pay the NBI clearance? If you need more, tap the Cash-in button to top up the wallet. After that, you need to enter the 4-digit PIN code to top up the money in the account. Choose the platform to add balance from. You can choose online banks or PayPal according to your choice. You may charge a transfer fee apart from the balance.

How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number

Step 4: Verify the balance:

After the top-up, check the wallet to confirm it’s successfully loaded. And verify now it’s sufficient to pay the NBI clearance. It would help if you had at least 155 pesos to pay the bill.

7 Steps On How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number confirm GCash wallet

Step 5. Choose bill:

It would help if you chose the Bills option from the GCash dashboard to continue the payment of the NBI. You will move toward the “Pay Bill” menu page. From the biller categories, tap on the Government menu and then on NBI, or you can also search from the search bar. To save the NBI in the favorites, click on the heart icon. You can save time on this lengthy process the next you want to pay the bill.

How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number
7 Steps On How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number Gcash governmnet
7 Steps On How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number GCash NBI

Step 6. Enter necessary information:

Provide the details, including the Reference Number, Contact Information, and Clearance Amount. An email address is optional if you want confirmation from email or digital receipt, so add the email an extra charge of ₱40.00 to pay the amount for NBI.

7 Steps On How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number NBI details

Step 7. Payment successful:

Tap on Next as you enter the necessary details. You will get the NBI Confirmation to pay bills page; enter the correct reference number and contact information. As you are sure, then tap on confirm.

7 Steps On How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number successful payment 1
How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number

You will get the digital receipt if you have entered the email address. You can verify the payment history by email or go to an online NBO Clearance to check the payment status. Save the digital receipt on your device; you may need it later.

How to pay Marina using GCash by the use of a reference number?

To pay Marina using GCash, you need to generate the reference number that is only generated and pay once it Is approved in Mismo. The steps for the payment process are as follows:

  • Open Marina Mismo and log in to an account.
  • Go to an application and tap on generate a reference number.
  • Click on yes, which ensures you want to make the transaction.
  • Tap on the link provided to you.
  • On the redirected page, choose the Bayad Center and then proceed.
  • Take a screenshot of the reference number.
  • Open the GCash app and select bills.
  • Choose government and search from Marina.
  • Type the amount, reference number, and email(optional).
  • Confirm the transaction details and tap on confirm.
  • Save the receipt for future use.


GCash helps to pay multiple online transactions in the Philippines’. By using the reference number, you can make the payment through GCash. We have mentioned different payment modes that How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number. I believe this article will help you to solve your queries.

To learn more about online payments via GCash visit Money Tech Guide.

FAQs: How To Pay GCash Using a Reference Number

Q: How Do I Pay My GCash Reference Number? 

Ans: To pay using the reference number via GCash, you need to generate the reference number. As for the NBI clearance payment, you can get it from the NBI online portal below the transaction menu.

Q: What Is The Point Of Reference Number In GCash? 

Ans: the reference number is the unique code for the GCash transaction that you do in your daily routine. The notification you get about the transaction has a reference number, so always keep it with you.

Q: How Do You Use Reference Numbers? 

Ans: The reference number with the financial transaction receipt shows that you will get the data from the database. It includes the date of the transaction, paid amount, and much more.

Q: Does The Reference Number Matter? 

Ans: The transaction number determines that the significant transaction is easy to track, handle, and monitor by giving the kind of data that lets GCash give the service the client needs. So yes, it does matter.

Q: How Can I Send Money Through GCash Without The App?

Ans: Simple on the Globe menu on cell phones, choose GCash and send to GCash. You can also text AMOUNT <space> 4-digit PIN and send it to 2882 with the mobile number.

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