How to Pay Cebu Pacific using GCash

Are you trying to finance your flight abroad but lack access to a credit card or you’re not a big fan of paying cash? Well then guess what we’ve discovered a solution to your query.

Quick Overview on How to Pay Cebu Pacific using GCash:

Step 1: Booking your flight
Step 2: Choosing Payment Method
Step 3: GCash Login

In this brief yet informative article, we will show you the step-by-step method of how to pay Cebu Pacific using GCash in the Philippines.

Steps On How to Pay Cebu Pacific using GCash

Step 1: Booking your flight

First and foremost you need to book your flight through the Cebu Pacific website or mobile application.

Step 2: Choosing Payment Method

Once you reach the payment option, look out for “E-Wallet” and under that choose GCash. Certain terms and conditions will emerge on your screen, press agree and submit to proceed further.

How To Pay Cebu Pacific Using GCash sm
How To Pay Cebu Pacific Using GCash Capture

Step 3: GCash Login

After completing the above steps you will be directed to the GCash app where you’ll login your mobile number. You’ll receive an authentication code which you’ll type in and finally you’ll type your MPIN.

How To Pay Cebu Pacific Using GCash sa
How To Pay Cebu Pacific Using GCash
How To Pay Cebu Pacific Using GCash sb

Hats off! There you have it, that was the method on how to pay your flight booking in Cebu Pacific via GCash. There are multiple Cebu Pacific payment options, but some people find the option of GCash payment for their plane ticket the most easier as compared to the rest.

To learn more about online payments via GCash visit Money Tech Guide.

What is Cebu Pacific?

Established in 1996, Cebu Pacific is a Philippine based airline which offers a wide variety of flights both internal and external to different areas like Australia,USA and the Middle East etc.It has a fleet size of 79 aircraft’s and it’s rumored that around 6 more are to be ordered.

In the year 2022 Cebu Pacific flew over around 14.8 million passengers both domestic and foreign showing that it has achieved some exponential growth and success recently. It dominates the Airline market in the Philippines as compared to its other competitors like Air Asia. It is generally known to be more cost efficient as compared to the other options.

What is GCash?

GCash is a Philippine-based E-wallet and online payment platform that provides you the opportunity to pay for different expenses digitally within the comfort of your home through a mobile application.

It offers payment options regarding different platforms such as Netflix, Utility bills and Cebu Pacific etc. It also provides Virtual cards and hence provides a spectacular service to all those Filipinos who are deprived of this facility.


Can I pay in Cebu Pacific using GCash?

Yes you can finance your Cebu Pacific expenses using GCash,PayMaya and GrabPay.

Can GCash be used for booking a flight as an online transaction?

Yes you can provide your GCash details and pay for your flight payments like Air Asia and Cebu Pacific etc.

Can I pay Cebu Pacific through PayPal?

Yes you can pay for your Cebu Pacific flights through PayPal regardless of the amount of your flight payment or your destination.

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