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Paying home credit online is a need of the hour. To pay fast and conveniently your home credit loan, using GCash may be a good option. GCash mobile wallet app lets you pay bills, transfer money, and purchase loads using your smartphone. 

GCash user-friendly interface and secure transaction process allow you to manage your finances anytime, anywhere, and quickly. In this article, I will guide you through how to pay Home Credit via GCash. 

Quick Overview on How to Pay Home Credit via GCash:

Step 1:  Login GCash
Step 2: Select Pay Bills
Step 3: Select Loans
Step 4: Tap On Home Credit
Step 5: Enter Required Information
Step 6: ReCheck Details
Step 7: Choose GCash As Payment Method
Step 8: Tap Pay
Step 9: Confirmation Message

Whether you are new to using GCash or need a refresher, this guide will help make the process simple and hassle-free.

What is Home Credit Application?

Home Credit is counted as an amazing worldwide user finance provider that is offering a range of financial products and services to consumers with limited entry to old banking services. Home Credit’s application process allows individuals to apply for loans or other financial services online or through mobile devices.

To apply for a loan through home credit GCash, individuals typically need to mention basic personal information, such as their name, address, and contact details. Users may also be requested to provide extra information about their employment status, income, and expenses.

Overall, the Home Credit application process is designed to be simple, making it easy for individuals who may need access to traditional banking services to apply for the financial support they need. 

Requirements to Pay Home Credit Using GCash

To pay for your Home Credit loan using GCash, you will need to meet the following requirements:

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  • A GCash Account: 

You need to have a verified GCash account to make transactions. If you don’t have one, you can download the GCash app on your mobile phone and sign up for an account.

  • Sufficient GCash Balance: 

Make sure you have enough funds in your GCash wallet to cover the loan payment amount.

  • Home Credit Account Details: 

You will need to know your Home Credit account number and the amount due to process the payment.

  • Stable Internet Connection: 

Ensure you have a reliable internet connection to access the GCash app and complete the transaction without any interruptions.

  • Up-to-date Home Credit Account: 

Make sure that your Home Credit account is not overdue, as GCash can only process payments for accounts that are in good standing.

Once you have these requirements, you can open your GCash app, choose ‘Pay Bills’, and then select ‘Home Credit’ as the biller. Input the necessary information, including your Home Credit account number and the amount you want to pay, and then confirm the transaction. 

Step by Step Guide on How to Pay Home Credit via GCash?

How to pay home credit via GCash? To pay Home Credit using GCash, follow these steps:

1. Login GCash:

First, you will open the GCash app easily on your cellphone and then fill in the requirements and log in to your account.

how to pay home credit via gcash

2. Select Pay Bills:

On the home screen, tap “Pay Bills,” located in the center of the screen.

gcash to home credit

3. Select Loans:

In the “Biller Categories” section, select “Loans.”

gcash to home credit

4. Tap On Home Credit:

Select “Home Credit” from the list of loan providers.

how to pay home credit via gcash

5. Enter Required Information:

Fill in your Home Credit account number in the “Account Number” field. Fill in the amount that you want to pay for your Home Credit loan in the “Amount” field.

gcash to home credit

6. ReCheck Details:

Analyze the payment details to check that everything is accurate.

can i pay home credit using gcash

7. Choose GCash As Payment Method:

Choose your payment method. You can pay using your available GCash balance or linked bank account. If you select “GCash Balance,” you will be prompted to enter your GCash MPIN.

8. Tap Pay:

Tap “Pay” to complete the transaction.

9. Confirmation Message:

When the payment has been administered, you will receive a confirmation message from GCash with your payment details.

can i pay home credit using gcash
can i pay home credit using gcash

It’s significant to check that GCash may charge an access fee for paying bills. Be sure to review the fee details in advance when proceeding with the payment. Additionally, before you follow our steps on how to pay home credit via GCash, it is essential to ensure that you have enough funds in your GCash account or linked bank account to cover the payment amount.

Can I Pay Home credit Using GCash?

One of the most common query usually people ask is can i pay home credit using GCash? Yes, you can use GCash to pay for a home credit. Home credit offers a payment option through GCash, allowing users to make payments conveniently. GCash is an online payment platform that links to your bank account or mobile phone number. 

To use GCash to pay for Home credit, you will need to open a GCash account and link your bank account or mobile phone number to the platform. You can simply send directly payment from GCash to home credit.

Benefits of Using Paying GCash to Home Credit

There are many advantages to using GCash to Home Credit

  • Convenience

Using GCash to pay Home Credit is convenient since you can do it anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. You don’t need to worry to visit a physical store or bank to make your payments.

  • Speed: 

Payments made through GCash are processed almost instantly, meaning your Home Credit account will be updated immediately.

  • Security: 

GCash uses advanced security measures to protect your financial transactions, so you can be confident that your payments are safe and secure.

  • Rewards: 

GCash offers rewards and cashback for using their app to pay bills, meaning you can earn some money back while paying your Home Credit loan.

  • Availability: 

GCash is widely available and can be used by anyone with a smartphone and internet connection. You don’t have to worry about finding a physical store that accepts your payment method.

Additional Tips On How to Pay Home Credit via GCash

  • Ensure Sufficient Funds: 

Before making a payment, ensure you have sufficient funds in your GCash wallet to cover the payment amount. You can transfer the amount to your GCash wallet from your bank account or other channels.

  • Double-Check Payment Details: 

It’s important to double-check the payment details before making a payment, such as the correct Home Credit account number and the payment amount. This can help avoid any errors or delays in processing your payment.

  • Take Note of Processing Times: 

While GCash payments are usually processed instantly, there may be instances where it could take a few minutes to complete. Making payments in advance is always a good idea to ensure your payment is credited on time.

  • Save Payment Receipts: 

Please keep a copy of your home credit payment receipt or transaction history if you need to reference them. You can simply check these records using the GCash app.

  • Use Promo Codes: 

Check for any available GCash promo codes or discounts when making a payment. This can assist you to save some money on your Home Credit payments.


Paying for your Home Credit loan through GCash is a convenient and hassle-free option allowing you to settle your dues anytime and anywhere. How to Pay Home Credit via GCash? With just a few taps on your phone, you can pay your loans without worrying about long lines or going to the bank. 

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For more information about GCash, you can contact me in the comment box. Thank you!

FAQ’s: How to Pay Home Credit via GCash

How Much Is The Transaction Fee For GCash To Home Credit? 

The transaction fee for GCash to Home Credit depends on the transfer amount. Generally, a fee of P15 of the total transferred amount is charged. 

Is GCash To Home Credit Real-Time? 

GCash and Home Credit are financial facilitating companies offering diverse products and services. Generally, if you use GCash to pay for a loan or installment with Home Credit, the processing time may vary and not be real-time.

Can I pay Home Credit through GCash? 

Yes, you can pay Home Credit through GCash. To do this, open the GCash app and choose “Pay Bills” from the main menu. Then, click “Home Credit” from the list of billers, enter the amount you want to pay and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction.

Do All Homes Accept GCash? 

Some homes may accept other forms of digital payment, such as PayPal or Venmo, but not all homes accept GCash. It is important to check with the home or landlord to see if they accept GCash as payment.   

How Do I Pay My Home Credit With GCash GCredit?

To pay your Home Credit with GCash GCredit, you need to have a GCash account. Once you have the account, you can open the GCash app and select the “Pay Bills” tab. Choose “Home Credit” from the list of billers, and fill in your Home Credit account number and the amount you would like to pay. Once you have completed the details, you can proceed to payment. You will be asked to enter your GCash MPIN to complete the transaction. 

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