How To Pay PLDT Using GCash

PLDT, known as the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, serves the people of the Philippine with the best telecommunication services. It is one of the biggest and oldest internet servers in the Philippine and the largest global network. People with PLDT connections using the internet or packages must pay the bills on time to secure their connections and keep them active. PLDT gives the facility to its users to clear the bill online. The safest and quickest way of paying the bill of PLDT is using GCash.

Quick Overview on How to Pay PLDT using GCash:

Step 1: Go to GCash App
Step 2: Choose PLDT
Step 3: Fill in your payment details
Step 4: Select the payment source
Step 4: Enter the Amount

GCash is an internationally authorized application that permits paying your electric, water, utility, and PLDT bills. You can also use GCash to buy mobile loads, shop online, transfer money, invest, etc. This application lets you open a GCash account on your smartphone and turn it into your wallet. It gives your Amount security and a GCash card to withdraw whenever you want quickly.

It is very complicated if you get disconnected from your PLDT connections because reconnecting is complex and time-consuming. You should pay your bills before your due date and enjoy your connections peacefully. In today’s hectic routines, going to the counters and paying the bills is very inconvenient, so PLDT and GCash provide provisions to clear your bills online effortlessly. Now the question arises how to pay PLDT using GCash?

In this article, I will describe the method step by step through which you can quickly pay PLDT using GCash, the difference between PLDT Landline and PLDT DSL, and how to pay PLDT fiber using GCash. So let’s begin the blog! Stay connected till the end to get all the answers to your questions.

Why is GCash better?

No one would ever take the risk of putting money in any account which is not secure. The best thing about GCash is that it guarantees the safety of your amount. The information you provide them about your account number and credit card is completely safe with GCash because it is an authorized application that always ensures the security of your data and amount.

The most significant advantage of GCash is that you can pay for anything anytime and anywhere without a long and challenging process. There is also a critical point: you can get a loan from this application if you need money or want to purchase anything. They help you manage your expenses very well and provide a record of your amount. With the help of GCash, you need not have cash everywhere. Save the payment in your GCash account and efficiently utilize it whenever possible.


As you know, every networking company always provides you with two options, depending on whether you want to get just landline service or internet service with landline services. If we are talking about PLDT DSL and PLDT Landline, then these are the differences among them, which are mentioned below:

PLDT DSL: It means the wireless internet connection delivered by a copper wire. Whereas if we talk about PLDT fiber, they are the internet connections delivered with glass wires with the help of light signals. You can get connected with PLDT DSL through wifi. There are thousands of ways of paying DSL, including bank transfer, ATM, phone banking, online transferring, over transactions, etc.

PLDT Landline: It means a wireless connection that will give you access to make landline calls whenever and wherever you are. Proper setup or device is not required for PLDT Landline services. PLDT Landlines also have many authorized payment methods, including bank transfer, over-the-counter, ATM, online payment, etc.

PLDT Fiber: This connection is best for households because of its FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) technology. From this data network, you can enjoy unlimited landline calls with the internet because its speeds up the internet up to 1Gbps.

Steps For How To Pay PLDT Using GCash

 As the main query is How to pay PLDT using GCash? Here I will solve your problem by giving you a detailed description. After following the steps, you will quickly pay your PLDT bills using GCash:

Step 1:  Login GCash Application:

How To Pay PLDT Using GCash: Step by Step Guide

First, you must install and log into the GCash application from any Google source or Play store. When you open the application, various icons will appear on your main screen.

Step 2: Select Pay Bill:

How To Pay PLDT Using GCash: Step by Step Guide image 2

Within the selection of icons, you will find various options. Tap on the ‘Pay Bills’ option, and under the biller category, you will see an option labeled ‘Telecoms’. 

Step 3: Choose PLDT Option

GCash app
How to pay PLDT using GCash
How to pay your PLDT bill using GCash

When you are inside the Telecoms category, it will ask you to choose the specific bill you want to pay. There will be an option of “PLDT”; choose it.

Step 4: Provide Payment Details:

You must fill in your GCash credit card details and account to pay. The first option will be the Account number, a 10-digit number given to you on your billing statement. You have to enter the same number. The next option will be Area code + Telephone number; enter your contact number according to your area code.

How to pay PLDT using GCash

Service will be the third option, and there will be 2 choices “PLDT landline” and “PLDT dsl” You have to select according to yours. The fourth option will be the amount. You have to enter the amount of your bill that you have to pay. The last option is EMAIL. You have to fill in this blank by typing your email address. Now press Next and continue to the next step.

Step 5: Select payment source:

Now you have to choose your payment source, and if you have GCredit, you will get two options “GCash” or “GCredit.” If you don’t have GCredit, you will tap on GCash and proceed further. Ultimately, you should check your entered details and ensure that everything is correct, especially your PLDT account number and amount.

Pay PLDT bills using GCash
Pay PLDT bills using GCash

Step 6: Confirmation:

Click on Confirm and continue to pay your PLDT bill using Gcash.

Bills payment confirmation
Payment successful

After these steps, you will get a text message through GCash that your amount is transacted from GCredit. Within 24 hours, PLDT will post your billing details, where you can easily see that your PLDT bill has been successfully paid.


Ultimately, you will know about PLDT, its payment methods, and how to pay PLDT bills using GCash or GCredit. Now you don’t need to rush to save your connections with PLDT, and you can easily do it using GCash just by following the steps mentioned above and saving your time and energy. Stay home, enjoy calls and chats with your loved ones with PLDT, and make payments easily using GCash.

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Q1: How to pay PLDT online?

Ans: If you want to clear your PLDT bills online, follow the following steps:
1. Go to your Gcash account.
2. Select the option TELECOMS from your main screen.
3. Enter the 10-digit account number that will be mentioned on your billing statement. Choose your payment source to enter your amount, and choose your biller id as PLDT.

Q2: How long does it take for GCash to post PLDT payments?

Ans: If you pay your bill before 8:00 pm, the details will be posted on PLDT within 24 hours, but if you clear your bill after 8:00 pm, it will be considered the next day, and the details will be posted in the next 24 hours. If you still need billing details, contact the GCash help center by dialing 2882.

Q3: What is the mode of payment in PLDT?

Ans: There are many certified methods of paying PLDT bills. Some of them are mentioned above
1. Bank transfer
2. Online payments
3. Bayad account
4. GCash account
5. ATM

Q4: What is the reference number in PLDT?

Ans: A representative gives the service reference number (SR) during applications. It is a 10-digit reference number used to track your application’s status.

Q5: How to load a prepaid PLDT landline?

Ans: You can activate a prepaid PLDT landline if you load by following these steps:
1. Enter 0632+ 7-digit PLDT Landline Plus.
2. Dial 2-digit area code + 7-digit PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid landline
3. You will receive a message that this offer has been successfully activated.
4. Check your remaining balance to confirm.
Through these steps you can effectively subscribe the PLDT landline offer.

Q6: Can I pay my PLDT bill anytime?

Ans: Yes, you have many options to pay your landline bills. You can clear your bills at any time  using any method that is convenient to you.

Q7: Can I pay the overdue PLDT bill using GCash?

Ans: Yes, GCash allows you to pay overdue bills except for MERACO because they don’t accept late payments, but PLDT overdue bills can be paid using GCash.

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