How to pay PRC using GCash

Are you a Filipino citizen planning to take a licensure exam administered by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)? If so, you may be wondering how to pay the exam fee. The good news is that you can now use GCash to pay your PRC exam fee. But the question is how to Pay PRC using GCash?

Do not worry; I will walk you through the process. Stay tuned!

Well, let me tell you that after a busy life in which you struggled, studying for an exam paid off. Additionally, a PRC (Philippines Regulation Commission) ID or license is required when you pass an exam and want to enter the working world. GCash would be your best choice for paying the PRC because you can only begin the practice after this.

The PRC ID is necessary for people to start practicing professional and legal work. The organization’s work is to tune and manage professional skills as the country’s progress is in its hands. Lawyers are the only one that doesn’t come under PRC because they are under the country’s top court management.

Quick Overview on How to pay PRC using GCash:

Step 1. GCash Log In
Step 2. Cash-in
Step 3. PRC Payment Using the GCash App
Step 4. Registration And Sign In
Step 5. Transactions Mode
Step 6. Select Location
Step 7. Payment Mode
Step 8. Terms and Conditions
Step 9. Payment Successful
Step 10. Print Receipt

In today’s topic, we will discuss what the PRC is. Do you know about PRC renewal How To Pay PRC Using GCash? So, if you are interested to know more detail about this, then keep on reading!

What Is PRC?

PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) was created in 1973 to handle and maintain many professions in the Philippines. The organization serves more than four million professionals from all 43 regulated professions. It can cover thousands of inspiring candidates taking the licensure exams yearly.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Pay PRC Using GCash

To pay PRC online payment thru GCash, the steps are described in the following. Must follow them for a successful transaction:

  • Select the preferable amount.
  • Ensure you have an ATM card for GCash or Landbank iAccess.
  • Tap on submit and agree on conditions.
  • Type the 11-digit GCash registered Mobile number.
  • Click on submit and then OK to confirm payment.

Step 1: GCash Log In:

To begin, you must have a verified GCash account. If you don’t have then register yourself on the GCash app. For this, open app and tap on the registration button, enter all the necessary details, and accept the agreement.

Step 2: Cash-in:

Open GCash and load the balance or cash-in GCash through 7/11.

  1. Tap the cash-in button.
  2. Type the amount you want to cash-in.
  3. Generate the Barcode.
  4. On any 7/11 store, continue with the payment by using Barcode.
  5. If the cash-in is successful, you will get the notification through SMS.

Step 3: PRC payment using GCash app:

Let’s begin with the payment process of PRC thru GCash:

Step 4: Registration and Sign In:

On the official site of PRC register yourself if you are not registered yet. Then press on Sign in to start the transaction.

How to pay PRC using GCash

Step 5: Transactions mode:

For the transaction, there are two methods which are: 

How to pay PRC using GCash
  1. For LET, Choose Examination and continue.
10 Steps On How To Pay PRC Using GCash image 38
  1. Type the Examination name. You can get the name from the drop-down list.
  2. Select the Examination date.
  3. Select the Examination location.
  4. Tap on the proceed icon, and enter the education details. Make sure you enter all necessary information for an Exam.

For LET passed, select registration and the professional coach. Enter the NOA number and proceed.

10 Steps On How To Pay PRC Using GCash PRC transaction method B 1024x576 1
10 Steps On How To Pay PRC Using GCash PRc transaction method B.1 1024x576 1

Step 6: Select location:

Choose any neighboring PRC regional office, also the location for the interview and click on continue.

How To Pay PRC Using GCash
How To Pay PRC Using GCash

Step 7: Payment mode:

For payment, there are three possible options:

  1. Online payment and for that from below the LANDBANK icon, select BancNet for GCash and make sure to have registered account.
How To Pay PRC Using GCash

2. PRC Cashier.

How To Pay PRC Using GCash

3. The latest method includes on Dec.27, 2018, at UCPB (United Coconut Planters Bank).

10 Steps On How To Pay PRC Using GCash image 36

As you choose the payment mode, a pop-up appears on the screen and press submit. Select GCash for payment and click on submit.

How To Pay PRC Using GCash

Step 8: Terms and Conditions:

Agree on terms and conditions and for that Tick the box that shows you are willing to accept the. Type the GCash number (registered number on GCash account), press on submit button.

10 Steps On How To Pay PRC Using GCash choose GCash 1024x576 1
How to pay PRC using GCash
How To Pay PRC Using GCash
10 Steps On How To Pay PRC Using GCash image 37

Step 9: Payment Successful:

Wait for the notification eye by email or message. The last step is either paid or pending.

 After the SMS, enter the 4-digit GCash MPIN within 5 minutes for the successful process.

How To Pay PRC Using GCash
How To Pay PRC Using GCash

Step 10: Print Receipt:

The print icon will be on your screen when the payment is successful. Just print and go on the scheduled date for the PRC examination.

How To Pay PRC Using GCash

What Do You Know About PRC ID?

PRC license, also known as Professional identification Crad PIC and the PRC ID, is proof that the holder has registered and contains the legal authority for practice. The ID only issues to a professional like engineers, doctors, and many others fields.

The PRC ID is a certificate that shows you are good in your field and that the PRC license is not withdrawn. It’s a valid -government-allowed ID you use for transactions with governments, banks, organizations, and other institutes.

Sometimes, a job application needs documents such as a nurse, teacher, librarian, or accountant. You can show the PRC ID when you apply for an ID card showing your nationality and work as a valid ID; the digital copy of the PRC is also acceptable.

PRC ID Renewal Requirements:

To renew the PRC ID, there are some documents that you need to submit:

  1. Printed Copy of the application form.
  2. The passport-size picture (01) with a white background and your full name.
  3. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) earned units.
  4. For an authorized representative, the renewal or demanding the PRC ID:
    • The extraordinary power of attorney.
    • Professional Valid ID.
  5. For a PRC-registered professional as representative:
    • Official Letter
    • PRC ID


PRC is the commission regulating professional fields like nurses and doctors’ engineers. It determines that authorized users to practice the professional workout can pay the PRC using GCash, PayMaya, banks, and much more. GCash has made the payment method more easy by introducing their QR code system, now you can pay by using GCash QR code. The steps on How To Pay PRC Using GCash are discussed in the topic, and I believe it will fulfill all your queries.

To learn more about online payments via GCash visit Money Tech Guide. We have detailed guides on how to pay using GCash.

FAQs: How To Pay PRC Using GCash

Q: How To pay PRC using GCash in 2023?

Ans: The process to pay the PRC via GCash are:
1: Tap on cash-in.
2: Type the amount of your choice.
3: Click on create barcodes.
4: On any 7/11 stores and continue the payment process thru barcodes.
5: After the cash-in, you will get a notification via SMS.

Q: Can I pay PRC using GCash?

Ans: Yes, GCash accepts payment for the PRC examination or PRIC ID card fee renewal. The process for the payment is discussed above in the article.

Q: How Do I Pay For PRC Certification? 

Ans: You can pay for the PRC certification by using the following modes:
1: PayMaya.
2: BancNet.
3: GCash.

Q: Can I Pay Bills Using GCash While Abroad?

Ans: GCash works abroad for fully verified users the countries where the GCash work are Australia, Japan, and Italy.

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