How to Pay credit card using GCash

Paying the credit card on time is necessary to avoid additional charges such as due date and more. Moreover, you don’t want to wait in long queues at banks to pay the bills. Along with GCash, you can now pay with a credit card on cell phones within your comfort zone. The question that concerns most people is How To Pay Credit Card Using GCash.

A delay in the payment or bill after the due date will enhance the additional charges, making it difficult for you to pay them in the upcoming days. That’s why I always consider the due date for the bills paid and try to pay on time. The main issue is that people need to be more relaxed about going to banks to pay the GCash credit card.

Quick Overview on How to Pay credit card using GCash:

Step 1 Sign in to your GCash account.
Step 2. Select credit card from the biller section.
Step 3. Select BDO credit card for payment.
Step 4. Enter the Credit card in the given field.
Step 5. Confirm the details for easy processing and ensure things are correctly placed.
Step 6. Confirmation message.

This article will explain how to pay credit cards using GCash. How to apply for a GCash credit? GCash made the payment at your fingertips, and the steps for the credit card payment are also mentioned below. If you are interested in learning, then read this article.

What is a BDO credit card?

BDO is the internal network for public accounting., tax consultant and advisory firms that offer professional services with the name BDO. It’s the fifth-largest accounting firm in the world. The global fee for the firm members in the network for the year that ends in September 2021, along with the elite alliance, is US $11.8 billion. The BDO members are the single entity in the country, and the network was established in 1963 as a binder Seidman international group of forms from Canada and other countries.

BDO credit card bill through GCash is straightforward, and it doesn’t matter if you have a BDO online banking account. Pay the BDO credit card bills on GCash by providing a credit card number and a sufficient amount in your e-wallet. You don’t have to sign in to your online bank account. Still, having an account with your credit card company is good. You can check your balance, bank statement, and credit card limit.

How to Pay credit card using GCash? Via easy steps

Fortunately, many banks and credit card companies make the bill payment process easy online on PCs and mobile phones. You have to log in to your account and pay the bills with a click. In today’s world, e-wallet apps like GCash allow you to pay credit cards and others via e-wallets. The process of paying BDO credit card using GCash is the following:

Sign in on your GCash account:

Open the GCash app and log in. At home, find “pay Bills” and tap on it. GCash allows paying bills through it.

How to Pay credit card using GCash

Select credit card from the biller section:

From the biller section, choose the credit card. The app let you to pay BDO credit card bills.

How to Pay credit card using GCash

Select BDO credit card for payment:

You can select from two options: “BDO AMEX” for a BDO American Express card and “BDO MC/VISA” for a BDO Master Card or Visa Card to pay BDO credit card using GCash.

How to Pay credit card using GCash

Enter Credit card in the given field:

Credit card number(16-digit), which is different from a BDO account number, amount (without decimal), and email address(optional) are the details you need to fill in. Click on “Next”.

How to Pay credit card using GCash

Confirm the details for easy BDO credit card payment and ensure things are correctly placed:

Confirm the details and click on “Confirm”. Payment for the BDO credit card is successful. Now you can congratulate yourself. GCash often pays the DO credit card bill within three working days, and then the payments are posted on your account.

How to Pay credit card using GCash

Confirmation message:

The confirmation for the transaction can also be confirmed from text messages and email. Save the reference number for next time. It helps in verification for BDO transactions. BDO credit card using GCash is a success.

How to Pay credit card using GCash

Moreover, also log in to BDO online account through the official site or mobile app to check if the payments are posted or not. You can contact BDO customer support if there is a problem with the payment on your account.

How to pay using GCredit?

GCash allows you to pay the bills using GCredit, and the steps for the process are defined in the following section:

  • Download and install the GCash app. Make an account or if you already have it open via password or PIN.
  • Choose the pay bill icon from the dashboard.
  • Choose the biller category you want to pay using GCredit.
  • Select the biller’s name, and it must accept the GCredit.
  • Type the account details like account number, amount, and email address.
  • Select GCredit to pay the bills or payment source.
  • You will get the confirmation message that the bill transaction is complete; tap on any key to continue with the further transaction.


GCash allows the payment of credit card bills along with other services. It has its own GCredit service that pays the bills, loans and you can also pay the bank’s credit card through it; the steps to pay the BDO credit card are listed in the article. This will help you to pay your bills.

To learn more about online payments via GCash visit Money Tech Guide.


Q: How Can I Send Money From GCash To a Credit Card?

Ans: The steps to send money from GCash to a credit card are as follows:
Step 1: Log in to your account thru the Remitly app or on their website.
Step 2: Type the amount for payment and select a mobile amount: GCash.
Step 3: Type the receiver information.
Step 4: Enter the details via Debit card, credit card, or bank.
Step 5: Confirm the payment information and complete the process.

 Q: How Can I Send Money Directly To My Credit Card? 

Ans: If you want to send money directly to the credit card, then follow the steps:
Step 1: Call the credit card company.
Step 2: Send a request to transfer the funds.
Step 3: Confirm the amount that you want to send to your bank account.
Step 4: Offer the account number and other needed information.
Step 5: Follow the prompts that appear to complete the transaction process.

 Q: Can I Add Money To My Credit Card? 

Ans: Yes, you can, and the way is to connect with the bank or credit card provider and request to enhance the credit card limit for once or temporarily. It is suggested to repay the additional amount within 2 days. On the other hand, using 100% of the credit limit on purchases is not suggested.

 Q: How Do Cash In Using GCash?

Ans: There are multiple ways to cash in using GCash, but the best is to cash into a machine, and the steps are as follows:
1. Choose GCash Cash-in at the machine.
2. Enter the 11-digit GCash number.
3. Type the desired cash-in amount.
4. Insert the payment.
5. Wait until the machine prints the receipt.
6. Wait for confirmation via SMS.

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